The teaching and learning process at the prestigious Preadi International is meticulously implemented by our highly qualified and dedicated faculty. They execute it with stringent planning and taking industry needs into consideration. Our course curriculum has been designed in a way that it adapts to the existing International requirement. In addition, it is reviewed at regular intervals according to one’s preferences.

The focus as well as objective of curriculum is value addition. Growth of the skills with regard to the operational and managerial level concerning the global environment in the chosen area is major focus. We put emphasis on providing our students with a great opportunity for useful development of knowledge from the academic point of view pertaining to the world environment. The emphasis is primarily put on industry orientation and our graduates are extremely effective in managing not only operations, but soft skills too.

Students go through a number of useful things to gain an experiential edge, including tutorials, assignments, classroom lectures, workshops, seminars and much more. They are even educated about useful topics by guest speakers from the industry who enlighten their minds. As far as timely revision is concerned, it is carried out as per the global standards through project work practical, role plays, industrial and exposure training with some of the top-notch hotels in India and overseas. Aside from all these methods, industry visits play an indispensable role, being one of the great methods used.

And, to develop incorporated knowledge of programming, students pay a visit to hotels, so that they can acquire much-needed industrial exposure and training (national and international). On top of it, these students are exposed to research projects on diverse topics that are connected with syllabus, advanced practices in the industry and up-to-the-minute technology trends.