Dedicated and research oriented faculty implements teaching-learning process at Preadi International through rigorous planning and keeping in view the industry needs. Our course curriculum is designed conforming to the current International requirement and is reviewed time to time as per the need. Value addition is continuous focus and objective of curriculum. Development of the Operational and Managerial skills with respect to the Global environment in the field is prime focus.  We provide our students with the opportunity for meaningful academic development of knowledge with respect to the world environment. The emphasis is given on Industry orientation and our graduates are effective in management of the operations and soft skills.

Students undergo classroom lectures, tutorials, case studies, assignments, seminars, workshops, multimedia presentations, and lectures from guest speakers from the industry and academia. Role plays,  project work practical, industrial and exposure training with leading hotels in India and abroad, industry visits are some of the methods continuously used and monitored for timely revision as per the International Standards.

To develop integrated knowledge of programming, students visit hotels for industrial training & exposure (National & International) & are exposed to research projects on the topics related to syllabus, latest trends in technology & innovative  practices being followed by the industry.