Malaysia boasts a perfect mix of modern world as well as a developing nation. Located partly on a Peninsula of Asian mainland and partly on the Northern third of the island of Borneo, Malaysia offers the ideal location for visiting. It shares borders with Thailand and is connected to the island state of Singapore and this makes it most prominent country in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has a known history of maintaining a strong economic position in whole of Asia since its independence. The GDP has been recorded to grow at an average of 6.5% per annum for almost 50 years. Malaysia offers rich natural resources, which has fuelled the industrialization process. Malaysia is constantly expanding in the sectors of science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism.

Benefits of Interning in Malaysia

The recent rapid development of Malaysia has attracted millions of migrant workers from across Asia. The newly industrialized market economy of Malaysia is ranked 4th largest in Southeast Asia and 38th largest in the world which makes it a perfect destination of pursuing an internship as one can find industries and organizations from all possible sectors over here.

Malaysia also offers one of the most developed overall infrastructures in Asia. The city also flaunts one of the most comprehensive commuting networks in Asia.

Sectors in Malaysia

Energy and Resources


Accouting and Commerce


Place to Visit in Malaysia

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Petronas Twin Towers

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Batu Caves

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Langkawi Sky Cab

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Sipadan National Park

Food of Malaysia

Souvenirs of Malaysia

Modes of Transport in Malaysia

  • Modes of Transport
  • LRT: Lucid Rapid Transport
  • Buses