Masters In Travel & Tourism

Master in Travel and Tourism Management is a 2-year full-time post-graduation program in Travel and Tourism course.

Course Code : MTT

Course Duration : 2 Years

Eligibility : The eligibility for which is to qualify Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Service or B.A in Tourism or B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration or Bachelor in Hotel Management with minimum aggregate marks from recognized university listed under AICTE. 

Course Content: The program consists of field trips and varied activities, requiring students to have the zeal to learn about the diversity of tourism industry. In addition, pupils who have good interpersonal skills are considered to be added a beneficial aspect to pursue this program. Candidates who possess the zeal and patience to work in challenging schedules are considered suitable for the program.

The Graduates of the program are trained with the competence to explore the diverse field of Tourism and Travel Industry, opening lucrative opportunities in the areas of Hospitality, Hotel Management, Travel, and Tourism, etc. The average remuneration earned by the graduates after the course ranges between INR 2 to 8 Lacs annually.

Masters in Travel and Tourism Management: What is it About?

The travel and tourism industry have been booming lately. More and more people are opting for visiting places across the globe. While managing travel was a herculean task before, with the onset of tourism and travel industry, a lot of its workings has been eased out. Master’s program in Tourism and Travel Management is designed to produce senior management level tourism and travel professionals who with their expertise can serve both private and public institutions.

The program imparts candidate’s knowledge of the day-to-day working of the industry and the operations carried out at the management level. Candidates gain a practical view of the concepts and skills applied to crisis management, conduct market research as well as building sustainable tourism management through imparting real-life work scenarios. Candidates gain mastery over the tools which are applied in bookings and online management of services.


The study focuses on the different areas of tourism and travel industry. Dividing the curriculum into theoretical and practical aspects, students are given an in-depth knowledge of the operations carried out in the sector. Regular field studies and tours are arranged to impart a practical approach to the students, who get a hands-on experience in the industry in detail. The activities undertaken during the course study helps in instilling good communication and interpersonal skills in the candidates, so as to help them meet the expectations of the vast needs of the industry.

Masters in Travel and Tourism Management course opens up lucrative opportunities for candidates in the sector of Hospitality, Travel, Administration, and Tourism. This program deems beneficial for students who wish to avail for the future research study in the field. Graduates can explore the areas of Tourism Department, Airlines, Hotels, and Travels after the successful completion of the program. The course aims to refine and polish the skills of the students making them proficient to take up future businesses in the sector of Travel and Tourism.

Masters in Travel and Tourism Management: Career Prospects

 Masters in Travel and Tourism Management are well equipped with the skills needed for carrying on the workings pertaining to the industry. The students are imbibed with the day-to-day knowledge of the operations carried on in the industry, helping them build their career path. Building a strong foundation for students in the Tourism sector, they are made exponent in the field making them eligible to take up research study in the field.

Gaining practical exposure as well as theoretical knowledge of the field, graduates after the completion of the master’s degree have a lucrative option of becoming teachers in reputed colleges and institutions. They have wide scopes of employment in the areas of Hospitality, Hotels, Travel, and Tourism. They can become Operations Manager, Travel Managers, Maintenance Manager, Public Relations and Security and much more.