Masters In Hotel Management

Masters of Hotel Management is a 2-year postgraduate course bound by management and administration techniques that are useful in the field of the hospitality sector.

Course Code : MHM

Course Duration :  2 Years

Eligibility Criteria: The minimum eligibility required for MHM course is graduation in any discipline preferably Bachelor of Hotel Management with 55% marks. Admission to the course is either merit-based or is based on entrance exam such as NIMCET.

Course Content: MHM is a popular career choice for candidates possessing excellent communication skills and good knowledge of hotel administration so that clients can be served better. Students while studying Master of Hotel Management gain excellent managerial skills required to lead such roles. The probable salaries offered to successful postgraduates in this field are between 3-8 lacs per annum.

Master of Hotel Management: What is it about?

Master of Hotel Management (MHM) is a very sought-after course imparting aspirants with all hotel-related skills like housekeeping, marketing, maintenance, food and beverage, hospitality and catering. These are helpful in handling the clients and addressing their needs. 

Subjects taught in this course are Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Accommodation Management, Food and Beverage Management, Communication and Soft Skills and Practical’s for the same.

Those who wish to go for Master of Hotel Management course must have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills as they will have to communicate with a lot of clients from diverse backgrounds.  They should be open-minded and possess a welcoming nature as their pleasing attitude will help them go a long way in their span of career studies after the completion of MHM course.

Master of Hotel Management - (Career Prospects)

Students can find ample job opportunities in the field of hotel management. After completion of this course, they can get employed in various tourism companies who are always on the lookout of skilled and cheerful personalities.

The course equips students to lead basic and senior roles in hotels. They can find jobs in various departments of the hotel and can even go for further. They can also get employed in the aviation sector as cabin crew management and flight management roles.

Successful postgraduates of the course can even become a professor in colleges and universities to teach the skills to the younger cadet of students.  The most popular career choices for MHM postgraduates are Catering Supervisor, Assistant cabin crew, Hospitality Executive, Catering Officer, Sales Executive, Hotel Manager, Resort Manager, Hotel Supervisor and Marketing Executive