Diploma in House Keeping

Preadi International provides proficiency in House Keeping Management by preparing the candidates for all housekeeping and its related operations including ground maintenance, mechanical services, project management services, planning, and designing services.

Course Code  : DHK

Course Duration : 1 Year

Eligibility : Overall aggregate of  50% marks in any discipline

Course Content :

The field of Hospitality has garnered a lot of interest in recent years with more and more students opting for different programs in the field. Apart from the necessary sections that overall makeup the hospitality sector including food and beverages, hotel management, bakery, etc. housekeeping is yet another field that is increasingly getting popular among students.

Preadi International is one of the most prominent universities located in Gurgaon that offers to students Housekeeping Management program at affordable fees. Our course is structured in a manner that would render the candidate entire knowledge of the subject thereby making one an all-rounder in the said field.

What is Housekeeping Management?

Housekeeping Course typically deals with managing the operations of the housekeeping department. The program renders more compliance with the hygiene and cleanliness in the hotels. An unkempt place repels guests and looks aesthetically unappealing. And as the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, the housekeeping program renders into students the very values.

The program deals with inhibiting the candidates with the intricacies and intrinsic values of health and safety. Our college offers a myriad of programs under housekeeping ranging from Diploma, Bachelors and Masters. Based on the qualification one has rendered, they can opt for different career opportunities laid in the field.

What are the responsibilities of Housekeeping managers?

Candidates who have successfully completed their degree in Housekeeping Management can take up the job of Housekeeping managers in prominent hotels, resorts, and motels in the domestic and international field. The responsibility ranges through an arena of fields including supervision, management, maintenance and training of workers. Some of the job responsibilities of a typical housekeeping manager are as follows:

  • Supervising the overall working, cleanliness, and maintenance
  • The hiring of staff and rendering training to the subordinate staff
  • Creating a staff schedule
  • Maintaining inventory, purchase of cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Taking care of guests and compliance
  • Coordination with staff and housekeeping needs with other departments
  • Performing inspection of hotels and ensuring it is up to mark
  • Many large establishments also offer training to the staff after hiring them thereby offering complete guidance in handling the day to day operations.

What does the syllabus cover?

The Housekeeping Course deals elaborately into the concept of management and supervision. These include inculcating in students the importance of Personal Hygiene, Sanitation, Safety, staff management, handling disputes, coordination, operating principles of equipment and much more. Our team comprises of specialized staff who hold expertise in the said field and thus are able to render the students an intrinsic view into the subject.

What are the future prospects after the program?

The job of a housekeeping manager can be quite a tenacious one considering the round the clock working. Most of the jobs offer shift timings thereby dividing the work between the staff. The work of housekeeping staff is divided between working from the office, coordinating and managing schedules, staff hiring, supervision, training and liaising with staff.

Enrolling for a program in Housekeeping and management is quite a lucrative one for those who deem in pursuing their career in the hospitality sector. The program can be pursued after class 12th or graduation too. Apart from gaining a job in hotels, they also hold chances to avail employment in the sectors of travel, airlines, tourism, food, and beverages, etc. where hygiene and cleanliness rank high.

Details are as follows :-  



Housekeeping Procedures

Glossary of terms

Hotel guest room

Planning Guest Room Layout

Cleaning Science

Identification of Cleaning equipment

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning of different Surface

Care and cleaning of different surfaces

Stain removal and flower decoration


Flower Arrangements


Interior Decoration


Lighting and Colour Scheme