Diploma in Food & Beverage

Course Code : DFB

Course Duration :  1 Year

Eligibility : Overall aggregated of 50% marks in 10+2 in any discipline

Course Content :

Food has been an integral part of our society and the world since time immemorial. It has been a binding force in bringing people together and developing solidarity across. A course in Food and Beverage Management offers the students an opportunity to build a career surrounding the most preferred and delightful field.

If you too are wanting to build a career in this area, then you have landed the right place. We at Preadi International offer a plethora of courses in a wide arena of programs starting from Diploma, Bachelor, and postgraduate courses in House Keeping, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Bakery and that of Food and Beverage Management.

How is a course in Food and Beverage Management beneficial?

Enrolling for a Food and Beverage Diploma benefit in knowing the basic details associated with the maintenance and operation of the business. The program caters in offering a complete understanding of the subject, and build effective management of operations related to food service. The industry offers a greater opening in a myriad of sectors and adds an edge to the resume.

Our team comprises of expert professionals and lecturers who hold greater expertise in the field. It advantageous our students in gaining a detailed understanding of the industry in the niche along with rendering practical experience to the students. We aid in further building the knowledge of the candidates by rendering them internship and placement options so as to avail them practical experience of the industry in actual standards.

Carrying out operational functions

Availing a degree in food and beverage able one in managing the finances and key operations related to the field. They are rendered an all-round experience in aspects surrounding menu designing, supply chain management, employee engagement, pricing, margin analysis, processing and guest service management and much more.

Building customer loyalty

Another advantage of Food and Beverage Diploma aids candidates in building a loyal customer chain. This is leveraging detailed feedback, gauging customer requirement thereby developing a favorable outlook in different mediums. Students are assisted in identifying the strengths and opportunities laid across, build strategies for improving the experience of guests and thereby add to the profits.

Building Menu

One of the most important aspects of the food and beverage industry is the menu. What the restaurant of the hotel offers to its guests is communicated through the menu. Thus, building a perfect menu that fits the taste of guests is the crux of a successful business. Our course opportune students in evaluating the client’s requirements, identifying the guest’s choice, and thereby build menus that will garner profits for the industry.

Costing and Supply Chain Management

No matter how big a brand may be, its value is delivered only if the price and quality are in accordance. Thus, we at Preadi International through our course enable our students the knowledge to optimize operation’s profits by managing, selecting, procuring, receiving and storing of inventories in the supply chain management process.

Career Prospects

The food and management industry open a plethora of options for those who deem in building their career in the niche. We offer 100% placement and internship opportunity for students with an average salary of INR 15,000 to 50,000 per month. Candidates can work as:

  • Food Service Managers
  • Chefs at top restaurants and hotels
  • Head Cooks
  • Beverage Managers

Diploma in Food and Beverage Services: Syllabus and course Description

3 Month Semester I and 3 Month Semester II + 6 Month Internationl / national Internship.

Semester I

Semester II

Brief knowledge of: Development of catering industry, job prospects and careers in the catering industry; Different types of catering establishments.

Simple methods of restaurant sales, controls –K.O.T flow and billing. Computerized order taking and billing.

Brief description and correct uses of: Different types of cutlery, crockery, silverware, flatware, hollowware and glassware used in a standard catering establishment.

Breakfast -English, American, Continental and Indian Breakfast (laying & service)

Preparation of the restaurant – Rules for laying of table and waiting. Useful tips for Food/Beverage service.

Ice creams / Sundaes / Shakes -Different types and their service.

Table Sauces – compliments /garnishes

Knowledge -Buffet, Layout, Display & Service. Banquets, inquiry forms, sitting space, seating arrangements.

Meals and Menu planning –Different types of Menus –(a) Table d’hote, (b) A’la carte, (c) State Banquets, (d) Buffet –cold/hot spreads

Room Service-Centralised and decentralised –Room service of breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner; Beverages -alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Room Service flow chart.

Staff organisation of F&B Deptt., and inter & intra departmental coordination

Spirits -Whiskey, rum, brandy, gin, vodka and their famous brands. Liqueurs

Significance of pantry & still room in F&B operation, Functions of pantry and sections of pantry

Beer -Manufacture, service, storage types and brands of beer

Kitchen stewarding. Broad specifications of light and heavy duty equipment, Restaurant, Pantry and Still room equipment

Bar lay out, operation and licensing. Dispensing of spirits. Storage of alcoholic beverages and cellar management.