Diploma in Culinary Arts

Course Code : DAC

Course Duration :  1 Year

Eligibility : Overall aggregated of 50% marks in 10+2 in any discipline

Course Content :

Knowledge is an evergreen ocean which can never doom you. We, at Preadi International believe in leveraging aspirants with the best of courses at most affordable prices possible offering expertise platform for exposure teamed with a group of professionals.

Are you planning to pursue your career in the field of culinary Art? Do you deem to be an acclaimed chef, cook in top restaurants and establishments? Then you needn't look far off and have landed at the right place. Preadi International is an international university that has its only branch located at Gurgaon, India. We are known for our highly-acclaimed courses ranging from Culinary Courses, hospitality and hotel management. We offer a wide arena of diploma, bachelor and postgraduate courses. All the courses are UGC certified along with 100% placement provision after the completion.

What is Culinary Science?

Culinary Art is a popular field that has been earning prominence in recent years. The love for food is not only limited to having exotic cuisines alone but goes beyond. With a degree in Culinary Courses, one can leverage their skills in creating delicious meals, invent new cuisines as well as deserts.

Preadi International offers a platform to all such students who aim at building their career in the field of culinary science. These range from Diploma in Culinary Arts to Bachelor’s degree.

Specialized degrees coined for the purpose

The branch of the culinary field blends together arts and science. It isn’t limited to the art of cooking but the science of putting into practice the knowledge for building a career. Programs like Diploma in Culinary Arts are set up with the view of assisting people in developing their skills and potential surrounding the field.

Advantages of the course

Check out the below-listed advantages for understanding the reasons for opting a degree in culinary arts degree:

  • Learn a variety of cooking styles

Cooking for a small crowd to that of a restaurant is poles apart. A degree in Culinary arts opportune students in understanding the intricacies related to preparing dishes in tandem to restaurant style.  It prepares the students in being swift and ready to prepare every dish in the menu without taking much time.

Opting for a culinary school like Preadi International lays the ground for mastering various cuisines and turning into a well-rounded chef. With a team of expert professionals, the students gain hands-on training in cooking each style from Indian to Italian, Continental and so on.

  • Stress management for cooking

A restaurant is a completely different environment. It's demanding and fast-paced. This necessitates students build themselves for the stress surrounding to that working as a chef. Admitting oneself to a culinary school enables students to learn quickly, sharpen their skills and manage the heat of the restaurant kitchen without falling in the burner of stress.

  • Opens a wide range of opportunities

Degree and Diploma programs in Culinary arts opens a wide arena of opportunities for students. Degree aids in gaining an edge over those who don’t have one. It makes the route easier to maneuver often availing the provision of internship or externship in top restaurants under the tutelage of prominent chefs.

With the lieu of enabling our student's maximum provision, Preadi International provides to its every student 100% placement opportunity in addition to internships. This aids them in adding experience to their resume and explore their mastery further in top positions.

Diploma In Art & Culinary Programs would be divided into 3 Semester 2 Months each :


Ist Semester

  1. Theory @ food and safety hygiene.
  2. Knife skill and cutting technique.
  3. Identification of the materials (spices and other materials)
  4. Principles of Cooking.
  5. Vegetables
  6. Stocks and basic sauces cooking.
  7. Basic Soup
  8. Egg
  9. Fish and shell fish
  10. Meat and Poultry
  11. Grain and Poultry
  12. Plated Deserts
  13. Assessment

IInd Semester

  1. Theory
  2. Bread
  3. Buffet and Staff Meal
  4. Complex Sauces
  5. Food Preservation & Vinaigrette
  6. Force Meat & Process Product
  7. Goat Meat and Lamb
  8. Indian cuisine
  9. Thai Cuisine
  10. Plated Deserts
  11. Modern French Pastries
  12. Final Assessment

IIIrd Semester

  1. Theory
  2. Cost Control & menu Planning
  3. Basic Molecular and sous vide
  4. Classic French Cuisine
  5.  Fusion Cuisine
  6. Italian Cuisine
  7. Tandoor Cuisine
  8. Tapas / Amuse Bush
  9. Savourycanapa
  10. Ice Cream and Gelato
  11. Food Wine Combination
  12. Platted Dessert
  13. Final Assessment