Diploma in Bartending

Course Code : DBT

Course Duration :  1 Year

Eligibility : Overall aggregated of 50% marks in 10+2 in any discipline

Course Content

Bartending Course in India has been gaining a lot of prominence in recent years. Aspirants who aim to pursue the program have a myriad of opportunity lined up in the field so as to explore the varied facets. However, becoming a bartender is not an easy cake walk. It requires relevant experience and expertise in the field so as to land a good job in top restaurants, hotels, and bars.

Preadi International offers programs in vivid dimensions related to Hotel and Hospitality Management, wherein the aspirants are imbibed with the nuances related to the niche fields. Our courses include hotel management, housekeeping, Bartending Course, and much more. Additionally, students are offered additional advantages of availing internships, industrial training from experts as well as placement opportunities in top resorts, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

What is the scope of Bartending Course?

Considering its growing prominence, many colleges and universities offer Bartender Course in India. However, it is necessary to opt for the best so as to leverage all the related benefits it’s backed with. Starting with what exactly is the scope of Bartender program in India, it offers to aspirants an edge in this competitive field.

It’s fun-filled, competitive as well as open a myriad of opportunities in India as well as abroad. Through the course, candidates are equipped with the essential skills, experience, and broadening of the horizon.

What does the course offer?

The Bartender Course in India offers to students a comprehensive knowledge of the program. Students are rendered the basics of the program equipping with basic skills of serving basic cocktails at the bar, pubs, restaurants, music venues, festivals with experience and confidence. The course renders the students a platform to polish their communication skills, interacting with people, and broaden their horizon.

So, if you too are interested in making a career in the field or wish to work at cocktail bars, venues and across the world, Preadi International is the perfect destination for you. We offer integrated knowledge surrounding the course in different levels starting from the basic course that of cocktail making to becoming a professional bartender in India as well as the international ground.

  • Explicit Training

We at Preadi International believe in building the student in an overall manner. Thus, we offer an integrated understanding of the subject by applying different methodologies beginning from classroom knowledge, experience, and internship. Students through the course are imbibed with the basics and fundamentals of the subject, thereby rendering practical knowledge of the subject too.

  • Adding experience

No knowledge is whole without experience. The theory differs from practice and thus to prepare our candidates in an overall manner, we also offer an intricate understanding of the subject. Thus, we offer an equivalent industrial training and experience in real life scenario to the students. Candidates are offered a minimum of two months of experience in bar and hotels so as to avail them practical knowledge. Thus, it will become easier for students to gain an entry position in a range of employment outlets including clubs, pubs, and bars.

What does the course comprise?

The course comprises of theory, classroom practice, training, and complete detailing of the subject. Right from understanding the instructions, tutorials, required level of alcohol in the body, law related to bars and pubs, certification test and much more.

Explore the course in depth and become the best bartender in the country.

Curriculum Of Bar Tending Course Consist :-

  • Basic Principles of Bartending
  • Roles and Tasks of a Bartender
  • Social Skills, Bar Appearance, Customer Welcoming & Personal Hygiene
  • The Operations of the Bar
  • Labor & Tasks
  • Operation Procedures
  • Bar Preparation Procedures
  • Customer Service
  • Raw Materials & Products
  • Art of Mixology
  • Art of Cocktails
  • Classical Mocktail Recipes
  • Practical & Training
  • Preparing to Bartend
  • Practicals - Alcohol Drinks Recognition (Labels)