Career scope in Travel and Tourism

The Travel and Tourism industry in India is a vast one and is continuously growing. It comprises of hotels, travel agencies, touring companies, restaurants and more sectors that play an important part as a contributor to this industry. From people travelling within India, travelers going abroad or coming to India, there is constant movement happening in all Travel and Tourism related platforms.  As a result, the Travel and Tourism industry is booming with opportunities for young job seekers. You can pick from a number of career options on completing your degree in Bachelors in Travel & Tourism. Here’s a look at some promising career prospects:

Travel Agent

You can start working as a Travel Agent on completing your degree and gaining insight into the industry. In this position, you will be able to guide travelers with their plans, help them with packages, make suitable itinerary, guide them about destinations and overlook their entire travel. You can apply for this position with reputed travel companies and help them promote their travel packages and tour plans. If you are someone looking to start your own travel business, you can do the same with a Travel & Tourism Course in India. On completing your course, whether bachelors or a diploma, you can start work on your own company. Here, you can function as an independent travel agent and collaborate with several hotels and airlines to give travelers amazing deals.

Tour guide and operators

If you have the passion to talk about new places, share its history, interesting facts and guide people, this profile is perfect for you. As a tourist guide, you work with travel groups and take them to places based on a schedule. Tourist operators also help in the same while making sure that all travel plans are organized and executed well. You can use all your Travel and Tourism industry based knowledge to organize such travels and make travel worthwhile for the travelers. You can easily take up this position on completing your Bachelors in Travel & Tourism, and earn well as you explore with travelers.

Airline and Hotel Industry

Another promising platform for Travel and Tourism graduates is in the Airlines and Hotel industry. Both industries are well connected and contribute majorly to Travel and Tourism. You can apply for various Ground Staff positions with leading Airlines in the country. The job pays well and ensures steady career growth. When it comes to the hotel industry, you can work in various service departments like Front Office, Maintenance, Customer Service, Marketing etc.

Apart from the above career opportunities, you can opt for Government jobs in the Tourism Department. For this, you have to qualify an examination and interview. With the eligible Travel & Tourism Course in India, you can secure yourself a position as a Tourism Officer, Executive or Manager with any Tourist Information Center operated by the Government. With such promising career options, you must give this industry a thought and add potential to your career growth.