Preadi International, aside from being a top-notch global educational center, takes immense pride in joining up with Starex University. Boys and girls can make the most of their stay at the university campus, as they will be provided with a separate hostel equipped with all facilities. The mess here plays a very crucial role in the well-being of the students’ health and puts emphasis on serving fresh food, which is prepared under the correct hygienic conditions.

There are several facilities these hostels provide to students, such as, music room, internet, common room TV & cable facility, and the list does not end here. One can improve their knowledge on current affairs by going through local or global newspapers, magazines and much more. On top of it, students can work out in a fully equipped gym to remain in shape. The hostels conduct physical activities, including Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball and have separate courts for each sport. The friendly and courteous staff takes care of such a reputable university. It also make sure that the hostel for boys and girls can react quickly, no matter what the situation.

Sanctity of The Hostels

  • The separate hostels for both boys and girls, being a part of the University premises, hold a privilege to be granted the divine status.
  • Profanity or abusive language is not tolerable within the hostel or even University premises.
  • It is strictly not allowed to possess firearms, unsafe weapons or those things that cause injury or put their lives in jeopardy. It is against the hostel’s policy to take an active part in any unlawful and/or immoral activity on the premises of the hostel that can hamper its sanctity.
  • Last but not least, students are prohibited to smoke or consume alcohol, aside from indulging in the use of narcotic drugs in the hostel promises. Both the students or anybody visiting them are not allowed to get liquor to the hostel for consumption purpose, drugs or any other toxic substances for that matter in the premises of a sacred placed called ‘hostel’. If any student is found possessing any of these illegal substances, or found under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are likely to face a strict disciplinary action.