With Pan-Asia presence in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Mauritius, and located on the outskirts of Delhi is PREADI International - a prestigious group of Professional Culinary, Pastry Schools and last but certainly not least, hospitality. Since our inception in 2018, we have embarked on a great journey that led to the flagship school in the campus of Starex University, which is located in Binola at Jaipur and Delhi Highway Road. Our infrastructure boasts of massive cumulative area of about 80,000 Sq Ft that comprises 4 kitchens, 4 labs and other wonderful amenities, such as amphitheatre, cafeteria and much more. With such great facilities, we happen to be one of the top-notch brands.

The academy has been painstakingly relying on the use of innovative technology, merged with inventive techniques, which are especially designed for the purpose of teaching art, science and techniques of how to create delicious food, and other methods that are needed to rise and shine in the food industry. Side by side, the size of the batch is purposely kept small, so that personalized attention can be given to each student. Our visiting faculty comprises several Master Chefs stretching over the level of MOF, World Champions in Cooking, Master Chefs, Master Bakers and Master Chocolatiers.

We give emphasis to providing the most effective tool that can make its valuable contribution to the success of our students. Distinguished chef instructors ensure that all students receive personal instructions and hands-on training in a professional environment, so that they are ready to face the challenges in the years to come. As a matter of fact, it is our symbol of excellence. We assure our students of a complete, personal attention to our students’ career objectives right from the moment they make a wise decision of attending their first class at such an esteemed University to the time they are all set in first-rate culinary adeptness. We foster our students for establishing a healthy and an effective association with the alumni throughout their career.


We are more than glad to invite you to soak yourself in paradise for giving a touch of discovery to education.

The building of PREADI can truly considered a fine blend of style and comfort and goes well with our great location. Our campus consists of Hospitality demonstration labs, Food and Beverage Lab, Food Production Lab, Housekeeping Lab, Library and so on.

PREADI’s Setting is Impressive

In extreme closeness to Gurgaon - hub of multinational companies - our institute has been calling students from far and wide. Furthermore, the eminent 5 star hotels like Leela, Radisson, The Crowne Plaza, The Bristol and many more are in close proximity of the institute, so that our students find it convenient to visit these swanky properties for ODC’s, training and placement.

Professional Outing

There is a series of professional outings that are organized during the course. The purpose behind conducting these excursions is to allow the students to experience the actualities of the hospitality and tourism industry. Students, aside from visiting hotels, become a part of trade fairs and several other catering outlets.

Beyond the Academics

Several events organized by the Starex University encourage the students to take part in them. The institute in itself is a platform every student makes the most of when it comes to showcasing their talent. For students to make the most of indoor games, including table tennis, chess, carom, pool, there is a separate activity room.

In fact, several festivals are celebrated with joy in the campus for students to involve in extracurricular activities, such as Cake competition, Teacher’s Day, Fresher’s Party, Chef Competition, Children’s Day, Holi, Diwali, Lohri and the list does not end here. With all these festivals and events, and others on the way, a student can make the most of his/her life at PREADI.

Unique Teaching Approach

Student can participate in various event organized by the Starex University (the Campus in which PREADI is located). The institute provides a platform to its students to showcase their talent. An Activity room is at its discretion to students which provides indoor games like pool, carom, Table tennis, Chess. Various events festivals are celebrated in the campus to involve students in extracurricular activities like, Fresher’s party, Cake competition, Quiz competition, Teacher's Day, Children’s day, New Year celebration, Chef completion, Drawing competition, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Lohri and other religious festivals. With all these and other coming up, the life at PREADI need never be dull.

The Faculty of this leading institute are Hospitality professionals with relevant experience under their belts. The institute accentuates on practical knowledge of students by letting them take practical at regular intervals which in turn, allows them to gain hands-on experience in their respective field. The students, with the help of experience gained through exposure, can utilize their knowledge in the realistic world by practicing themselves. That way they get to boost their practical skills in their area.


The Faculty provides lectures to the students with the help of Audio/Visual Aids for boosting their knowledge. Moreover, presentations are prepared by students on a regular basis. They are given certain projects on which they have to come up with interesting presentations.

Constant Evaluation

Well, there is certainly a unique way of evaluating the students. They are ranked for their attendance, performance they have shown in assignments, tests, discipline and workshops. This Progress Tracking System makes sure that every element of learning is provided to students that will develop much-needed professional skills.

Audio/Visual – Based

Students are provided with lectures through Audio/Visual Aids for enhancing their knowledge. Students are also given projects on which they have to prepare presentations on regular basis.

Self-Initiated Learning

Students are encouraged for self-initiated learning through assignments to be carried out ever month. That way it becomes easier for students to develop crucial thinking and the ability to solve given problems.